Gymnastics as a Fitness Program for Kids and Adults


Stick It gymnastics in Toronto is a place for kids of all ages to find a different type of fitness program. When most people think about staying fit their minds go to traditional exercise such as running, weight lifting, aerobics, and swimming. The program that the general public doesn’t think about is gymnastics. As an Olympic event gymnastics is very popular but people don’t realize that it is not only a competitive sport it is a great way to stay in shape as well. Kids can start gymnastics as early as six months old which may seem young but it is never too early to start building the basic skills and muscle groups needed for gymnastics.

There are a lot of people out there that have the belief that gymnastics is only for girls and don’t consider the potential it has as a fitness program for both sexes. In fact some of the top athletes in many of the major sports have had training in gymnastics as children or as adults. It keeps your body limber and strong and has the added factor of building strong and healthy bones.

Foe children who are 5 years old or younger there a generally 4 groups of gymnastics. There is the parent and toddler group for children that are six months old to 2 years old which is great for the parents to actually get involved with their children and the program at a young age. At the age of 3 the child can begin to learn the basic of tumbling so that when they are 4 years old they can begin to learn tumbling tricks and build those tricks into more advanced tumbling up to the age of 5.

The fundamentals of gymnastics can be taught as early as six months but the class is more so about fun than anything else. As the child grows and advances in gymnastics they move into different classes and begin to learn tumbling and mat techniques. As a fitness program gymnastics is great for kids to start working on a healthy body and the techniques learned can translate into many other sports and activities. Beginning this type of fitness when they are young can always continue into and through adulthood if it is something they really enjoy.

Stick It Gymnastics offers classes for boys and girls six years old and older as well. This fitness program can be for those children who have had prior gymnastics training or for those who are just beginning to show interest in the sport. When children are at this stage of the learning process they will begin to learn how do to more advanced moves on the mats as well as the balance beams.

Boys and girls learning gymnastics in Vaughan and the Toronto area can continue to learn gymnastics and become part of the more advanced programs. At the advanced stage of gymnastics children and youths will be in different programs as they accomplish variations of moves on the beams, mats and other gym equipment.

When a child or youth decides to move up to the advanced level of gymnastics the fitness program becomes more of a challenge especially if they want to learn more advanced techniques for serious competition. At this point gymnastics will take hours of work and dedication to the sport. There are many kids and youths that continue with gymnastics far into early adulthood or use their skills learned to move into different forms of dance class.

As a parent you may be looking for something that will keep your children healthy and active on a regular basis, gymnastics in Vaughan could be the program you have been looking for. Your child can participate in Toronto gymnastics young and maybe even enjoy them well into adulthood. Gymnastics in Toronto will keep your child limber, healthy and it even helps to build strong bones and mucles. It is important to keep in mind that during a gymnastics fitness program kids will have to eat properly making sure they get a daily intake of protein and other healthy foods.

Not only does Stick It Gymnastics in Vaughan offer these types of fitness programs for kids but they also offer fitness programs for adults who are looking to get into shape along with Yoga in Vaughan for those who show interest in taking Yoga classes in Toronto.

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